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I am an artist who is grateful and passionate about living in Hawaii. For many years I have worked to contribute to Hawaii in many ways, particularly in educating others about Hawaiian species and their environmental issues, conducting botanical surveys to identify and save rare plants, and helping to lead hikes on Hawaii trails.  My artistic background began while I was studying at Oxford University in England, where I absorbed painting technique and art history in the West.  I use this knowledge of art techniques and styles to enhance the portraiture of each particular subject.  I have had a passion for flowers since childhood.  For many years in Hawaii, I worked in a laboratory where I helped save endangered native plants from extinction.  I often paint or sketch these plants, or other tropical plants, due to the drama of their life story, or because of their dramatic flowers or leaves.  I see my art as a medium to broaden appreciation for the wonderful tropical plants and the spectacular native plants found in Hawaii and to increase the commitment of all humanity to preserve this precious legacy in the Hawaiian islands.  


I am a member of the Associated Fine Artists of San Diego.  I exhibit in San Diego, Laguna Beach, and Honolulu.

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